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So I fell in love

Summary: Where Baekhyun is a die hard Yuan Shanshan fan and Chanyeol is the guy who kisses her in her movie.

Author's note: I wansn't able to resist my prompt. First time posting my fic here on LJ, please be good to me. LOL. Thank you forever, N for being my beta and J for the push! <3



Today's the day, Baekhyun squeals to himself. Today is the day he's gonna see his idol. Baekhyun has been waiting for this day since he became a fan of Yuan Shanshan.

Yuan Shanshan, his beautiful and talented noona, the epitome of perfection to Baekhyun. The reason Baekhyun is dressed in tight jeans, pink sweater and a bunny headband on his head. The sweater he's wearing he bought from Shanshan's auction of old clothes. Baekhyun remembers screaming when the pink sweater was declared sold to him. It was Baekhyun's happiest day. Well that was before today, because today, he is finally going to meet the subject of his dreams.

The bunny headband has nothing to do with Shanshan though. Baekhyun just adores bunnies and he thinks it would be cute to give it to his Shanshan noona on their first meeting. He blushes at the thought of Shanshan noona wearing the bunny headband and flaunting it for all the world to see.

Baekhyun is busy daydreaming again when he suddenly collides with something broad and hard. Stupid Baekhyun running into a wall again, he thinks as he looks at the wall. Well, the wall is definitely tall because Baekhyun looks up and up some more to find a red mop of hair, and that's when the wall suddenly turns around to look at him. It's not a wall. It's Park Chanyeol.

Park Chanyeol.

"Park Chanyeol?" Baekhyun looks at him with wide eyes. He chokes on his food and starts coughing. This can't be real. This can't be the real Park Chanyeol he's facing right now. He coughs some more until he felt a big hand on his back, tapping him.

"Are you okay?" a deep, velvety voice asks him. Baekhyun is positive this isn't Chanyeol because actor Park Chanyeol has an irritatingly deep voice. He looks up at the man and covers his mouth in surprise.

This is definitely THE PARK CHANYEOL, Baekhyun almost screams.

The Park Chanyeol. Famous Idol turned to Actor. Shanshan noona's love interest in her movie, So I Married an Anti-fan. He doesnt know much about the guy because he hates him. He hates the fact that he is taller than him, his aura oozing with manliness, his face full of charm, his lips so full and- Baekhyun shakes his head, getting irritated. No, he can't accept Chanyeol's perfection. He is just a giant with big ears.

Park Chanyeol! You're the one who kissed my Shanshan noona! I hate you! Shanshan noona is mine! Get that into your big, yoda ears, Baekhyun mutters to himself as he glares at Chanyeol.

Baekhyun didnt realize they were standing so close until Chanyeol's hand left his back and took a step back just to scoot down and look at him questioningly. "Excuse me? Did you say something?"

"I said," Baekhyun finally removes his hand from his mouth, fixes his bunny headband and looks straight at Chanyeol's eyes. "Byun Baekhyun. Remember that name because I'm gonna be Shanshan noona's future husband!" He half yells at Chanyeol. His voice full of confidence, surprising even himself.

Cute, Chanyeol thinks. The cold treatment that Chanyeol is getting right now from the man is a breath of fresh air. He is used to getting so much love and attention. This one is new. He never thought he would meet someone who will glare at him and not even ask for his autograph. Chanyeol cant help but smile as he studies the feature of the man. This Byun Baekhyun is something.

"What are you smiling at, huh? Are you mocking me?" Baekhyun asks him as he takes another bite of his food.

Chanyeol's smile grew even bigger as he watches Baekhyun pout at him. "You're cute." Chanyeol says as he reaches out to touch Baekhyun's bunny headband. Baekhyun flinches and moves away.

"What the-" the action shocks Baekhyun and Baekhyun couldnt help but glare even more. "Don't you dare touch my headband. You're gonna dirtu it! I'm gonna give this to Shanshan noona later." Baekhyun tells Chanyeol as he fixes his hair and places the bunny headband over it again. "Aish. You're really annoy-"

"I can hand it to Shanshan for you,"

"-ing! W-what? What did you say?" Baekhyun suddenly asks. If this was any moment, Baekhyun will surely throw a fit because no one cuts off Baekhyun but Chanyeol said the magic word and it really catches Baekhyun's attention.

"I said-" Chanyeol starts. He's not sure what he's doing but when he looks at Baekhyun's hopeful and bright eyes, Chanyeol knows he is doing the right thing.

"I know! I heard you! Oh my god really?" Baekhyun's voice is loud and people turns to look at them. Chanyeol holds Baekhyun's arm and pulls him to the corner so as to avoid people from recognizing him. "Y-you're serious right?" Baekhyun asks again, his forefinger pointing at Chanyeol's face giving emphasis. "Y-you can't just give me false hope. I- Oh my god!" Baekhyun jumps in excitement as he beams up at Chanyeol happily.

Chanyeol stares at Baekhyun, his hands still on the man's arms. Chanyeol smiles at the sight before him. Did he just make the Byun Baekhyun happy? Chanyeol asks himself. Perhaps he did, because right now Baekhyun is removing his bunny headband as he takes Chanyeol's big hand in his small, dainty ones. Baekhyun looks up at him, eyes filled with excitement and happiness. Chanyeol stares in awe.

"Park Chanyeol, take this bunny headband as a sign of my trust," Baekhyun starts and Chanyeol swears his heart starts beating fast. Chanyeol feels something inside him stir and he knows he's screwed. He grips on the bunny headband in his hand as he feels Baekhyun's soft hands enclose his larger ones. "I trust you to give this to Shanshan noona and make her the happiest actress ever for having a fan like me, Byun Baekhyun!" Baekhyun adorably declares and Chanyeol's jealous. How can Shanshan have such an adorable and perfect fan. Why can't he be my fan, Chanyeol thinks to himself.

"Say 'I do'," Baekhyun tells him innocently, oblivious of the things he's making Chanyeol feel right now. He tightens his hold around Chanyeol as he stares at him with bright eyes and a sweet smile. Chanyeol has never seen such a lovely view.

"I do," Chanyeol whispers as his heart did awkward flips and the butterflies in his stomach became an entire zoo. "I do." Chanyeol said firmly this time and Baekhyun gave him the most beautiful smile he's ever seen.

To say that Chanyeol has just been charmed by his anti-fan is an understatement. He is in love. And though Chanyeol never believed in love at sight, this time he does.


The movie theater is full and Baekhyun tsks grumpily as a group of girls chanting Chanyeol's name squeezes him along with the heavy crowd.

Park Yoda surely has a lot of fans, Baekhyun sighs. Well, he couldn't blame them. Chanyeol is handsome, not that Baekhyun will openly admit it. The fact that Chanyeol offered him help after he glared at him earns him extra handsome points.

Baekhyun remembers saying numerous 'thank you's' to Chanyeol before they part ways. He almost screamed 'I love you' to him but Baekhyun realized mid-sentence what he was about to say, so chooses to shout "I love Shanshan noona. Please tell her that." Good thing Chanyeol didn't get it and still gave him a blinding smile together with I'm-glad-I-met-you-goodbye-I'll-see-you-soon kind of wave. Baekhyun faceplams at the memory.

He continues munching on his food as he waits for the program to start. He thinks about Chanyeol again and how he's really thankful running into the giant. Maybe it's really stupid to hate him, Baekhyun thinks to himself as he recalls how adorable Chanyeol's yoda ears looks in person, how all of his teeth are visible when he smiles, how his hands are warm against Baekhyun's arms, how his voice makes Baekhyun feel weird. The good kind of weird, Baekhyun nods to himself.

Suddenly the crowd scream crazily and Baekhyun tiptoes to see a glimpse of the stage. Why the hell are these people so tall, Baekhyun mumbles to himself as he bites his lower lip.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Yuan Shanshan.." The MC announces and Baekhyun's heart almost drops when he finally sees her walking up the stage. Baekhyun starts sceaming her name, not even caring about how the girls around throws him judgmental stares. His Shanshan noona is right there in front of him and he couldn't bring himself to care about anything.

Shanshan noona is even more dashing and stunning in person. Her face is full of charm and beauty as she smiles and waves at the audience My queen, Baekhyun says as he continues to chant her name. He stares at his idol and can't help but get teary eyed because here he is, just a few meters away from his Shanshan noona. He's been dreaming of this moment for so long. Baekhyun feels a little dizzy, too overwhelmed by the fact that he's finally seeing his idol in the flesh. He dabs on his eyes and cheeks dramatically as if removing his tears. There's none though, Baekhyun is just being overly dramatic again.

Baekhyun continues to gape at Shanshan until the screams got louder, shaking Baekhyun out of his reverie. What the, he almost curses when the girls around him squeezes their way closer to the front of the stage, leaving Baekhyun annoyed.

"Everyone, please welcome Park Chanyeol!" Baekhyun hears the MC scream and that's when he tears his eyes away for a moment from Shanshan to take a look at the man he had the privilege to bump with earlier. Baekhyun stops breathing. Baekhyun's whole world stops in fact. He hears nothing but the sound of his heart beating so fast because there is Park Chanyeol on the stage, looking absolutely fine surrounded by those flashing lights. He looks even more handsome right now in his black suit, a dazzling smile on his face, his red hair brushed up and his-


"M-my bunny headband," Baekhyun whispers to himself. He stares at his bunny headband on Chanyeol's head.

OH MY GOD, Baekhyun's mind screams at him some more. Baekhyun closes his mouth and swallows hard. He couldn't believe what his eyes are seeing right now. There in front of him is the famous Park Chanyeol wearing his stupid bunny headband, all for the world to laugh at. Baekhyun continues to stare at Chanyeol, his hand on his chest trying to calm himself.

Why is Chanyeol using his headband? What is he doing? Why is my heart beating so fast? Baekhyun's mind has so many questions and this time Baekhyun is dizzy for real. He closes his eyes only to open it with Chanyeol's eyes already locked on him. Baekhyun holds his breath as he stares back at Chanyeol. He searches Chanyeol's eyes for answers but instead he gets more confused because just then the giant with yoda ears smiles at him, almost blinding him in the process.

"Hello everyone, thanks for coming. I'm Park Chanyeol!" Chanyeol greets the crowd but his eyes never leaves Baekhyun.

Baekhyun thinks he's hallucinating. He can't be looking at me, Baekhyun thinks as he looks around to see everyone oblivious of the fact that their idol is looking at only one person among the crowd. Baekhyun meets Chanyeol's eyes again and Baekhyun almost squirms at his soft gaze.

"That's a lovely headband you're wearing, Chanyeol-ssi." The MC comments and Baekhyun wants to disappear right at that moment. Stupid Chanyeol wearing my stupid headband, Baekhyun groans. He checks the people around him to see their reaction about their idol wearing a stupid headband but he hears nothing but screams and squeals.

"Oppa looks so cute! I didnt know he likes those stuff," the girl beside Baekhyun squeals.

"I bet a fan gave that to him on his way. Aish, lucky fan met our oppa. I'm jealous!" The other girl sobs.

"Oppa must like that fan a lot to actually use it! Aaahhhh, when will I bump with Chanyeollie oppa," Baekhyun almost chokes when he hears their conversation. Baekhyun coughs awkwardly.

Chanyeol's laugh echoes the whole theater, catching Baekhyun's attention. Their eyes meets once again and Baekhyun tries not to blush when Chanyeol starts talking.

"I met a bunny on my way here. A really cute one." Chanyeol says as he caresses the bunny ears above his head. "I hope he's not mad at me though," Chanyeol continues. He offers Baekhyun a gentle smile before turning to Shanshan and asks, "It suits me, right?"

That's when Baekhyun remembers everything. He almost forgets the reason why he's here, the reason why he met Chanyeol in the first place, the reason why he has that bunny headband.

Yuan Shanshan. His idol. This is all about his Shanshan noona. But why does his heart suddenly feels different this time? Baekhyun is puzzled.

Shanshan giggles through the microphone as he hits Chanyeol's arms. "You look cute in everything, Chanyeol-ssi."

Baekhyun's heart suddenly feels heavy, like it's being squeezed. Baekhyun frowns at the interaction. He sees Chanyeol smiling brightly at her, the same smile he gave him throughout their converstaion earlier. Baekhyun holds his chest once again to ease the sudden pain he's feeling. Does he always smile like that to everyone, Baekhyun sighs, feeling a little bit jealous. He shakes his head. He's not jealous. He can't be.

Weird. You're being weird, Byun Baekhyun. Stop feeling weird, Baekhyun whispers to himself. He bites his lower lip and looks down not wanting to see the interaction anymore. He suddenly wants to leave. Baekhyun releases a heavy sigh as he starts to step back.

Chanyeol doesn't miss the way Baekhyun's eyes droop sadly. Chanyeol licks his lips worriedly when he sees him take small steps backward.

Is he- Is he jealous? Chanyeol thinks to himself as he smiles awkwardly at Shanshan. Chanyeol knows he has to do something. He doesn't want Baekhyun to leave yet. Chanyeol knows it's weird because they just met a few hours ago yet he can't help but feel attached to Baekhyun already. He wants to spend more time with him. "I think, this will suit you more, Shanshan." Chanyeol says, his eyes still on Baekhyun before he removes the bunny headband from his head only to put it on Shanshan's head.

The scream gets louder and Baekhyun decides to check the stage one last time before he actually leaves. He needs to leave before Chanyeol completely invade his thoughts and maybe his heart as well.

Baekhyun's eyes almost pops out when he sees Chanyeol fixing the headband on Shanshan's head. Baekhyun blushes at the sight. This, this can't be true. Baekhyun shakes his head to see if he's dreaming, only to find out it's real.

There goes his dream finally happening before his eyes. Baekhyun wants to cry.

Shanshan smiles at the crowd and poses cutely while wearing Baekhyun's bunny headband. Baekhyun has tears forming for real this time as he turns to look at Chanyeol, only to find the giant's eyes already on him. His gaze, soft and endearing, it gives Baekhyun warmth.

"Thank you," Baekhyun mouths to Chanyeol. He knows the giant gets it when Chanyeol's dimples grows deeper as he smiles at him. Just like that, Baekhyun feels all sorts of weird again. Chanyeol makes him feel all weird and warm, it's crazy. Baekhyun has never felt this way with anyone before, but nevertheless he can't tear his eyes away from the giant. Baekhyun thinks he likes it. The way Chanyeol's eyes are making him feel important, the way Chanyeol's smile is giving him warmth and chills at the same time, the way Chanyeol's blush is making him think that he must be feeling the same way too. Baekhyun smiles even more at Chanyeol.

This is indeed a special day for Baekhyun. Two of Baekhyun's dreams finally became reality, he wants to roar in happiness. Just then Baekhyun thinks about his list of dreams again and how he realizes that maybe, just maybe, the third on the list also came true in the form of a tall guy with red hair, a toothy and dazzling smile, a deep and velvety voice and a pair of cute yoda ears.

(/\_/\) (^_^) BAEKHYUNNIE's DREAMLIST (^_^) (/\_/\)

1. Meet Shanshan noona. *Ajdkfhskdah. Someday. One day. Soon.*

2. Give Shanshan noona a cute gift she'll use. *Hmmm. I have no idea what to give her yet? She has everything. HELP!*

3. Fall in love. *I am in love with Shanshan noona already but it would be nice to fall for someone who actually knows I exist. HAHAHAHAHA. Must accept I'm a Shanshan trash and must think I'm cute. I am cute, come on! Shut up, Kyungsoo, I'm cute!!*



CHANBAEK @ thebaekfest ♥




Thank you for all the memories. Thank you for the laughter, joy, love and pain.

I love you and I'm counting more days with you. :"""">

Keep pressing on toward your dreams. Work on your weaknesses. Improve and make your talents bigger and better everytime. Continue to surprise us with your craft. Stay in love with your fans. Take joy on your present success. And stay humble. ;;;

Lets meet again in the future.


bb turned 22 ♥

Thank u for gracing into my life.
Thank u for making me happy every freaking day.
Thank u for being one of the major source of my feels.
Thank u for being Baekhyun's other half.
Thank u for all the sweetness and the frustrations.
Thank u for being YOU. <3

I could never imagine my life without you (and ChanBaekYeol).
I thank GOD for ur existence. YOU ARE A BLESSING. ;;;;;


Stay wonderful and beautiful.
Stay dumb and proud.
Stay in love with Baekhyun.
Stay in my life 5ever.

Until we meet again. ♥

zeraiya. alex. zeraiya. alex

zeraiya. one of my favorite baekyeol writers. aww :'( i want her to continue her craft. i just dont know how to say it. i'm lost for words. idk how to make her feel loved. idk how to ease whatever she's feeling. i love her and i dont want her to stop writing, i dont want other people saying hurtful things to her coz its hurting me as well. aish!!

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yep! that sunny10 cf is so short but its so more than enough to break my heart already.

aigoo! im so hurt! i cant even stop myself. it feels like my heart is being squeezed. T.T

im not just hurting for myself. im hurting for baekhyun too! coz baekyeol! baekyeol is my otp! and this junyeol whatever isnt making any sense. :'(

REPOST: Imagine EXO in Hello Baby...

Baby: *crying*

D.O.: O__________O


Baekhyun: *sings* Baby, don't cryyyyy~ toniiightttt~

Kai: My amazing chest isn't capable of what you want, okay?

Suho: I'm just here to guard you. Is stopping you from crying my duty too?

Sehun: Why are you guys not paying attention to me anymore? I'm the maknae! *goes to Luhan*

Xiumin: Here's a stuffed toy! Ok, no stuffed toy. Here's my cheeks!

Luhan: Here's a rubiks cube. *sighs* he won't stop. *goes to Sehun*

Chen: oh my baby baby bay babehhhhh~ what is lovveeee~

Lay: *plays guitar* nevermind.

Kris: Don't cry. Look, look. I CAN FLY!

Tao: *face palm* OKAY! I got this.
Tao: bbuing~ bbuing~
Baby: *stops crying*

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